CIS User Guide – Record CIS Payment to HMRC

When a payment is made to HMRC through the business bank account the CIS period payment in ZotaBooks needs to be marked as paid.

Open the CIS period (see View CIS due to HMRC to see how to do this), press the “Mark as Paid” button to let ZotaBooks know the payment to HMRC for the period CIS amount has been made.

A dialog box appears which requires confirmation the CIS payment was made and the date on which the CIS payment was made.

The period CIS payment will be marked as paid, accounting entries will be made into the General Ledger trial balance to reflect this. The CIS period screen will now have a button for “Mark as Not Paid” displayed instead of “Mark as Paid”. This allows the payment to be reversed, this will also reverse the accounting in the General Ledger trial balance.

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