User Guides

The user guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to use ZotaBooks applications.

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Click here to learn how to setup / get going with ZotaBooks and add a new business.

Customer Transactions

These applications setup, record activities and produces invoices which generate revenue for the business.

Customer Setup
Learn how to add or edit customers for a business.

Project Setup
Learn how to add or edit internal and client chargeable projects for a business.

Learn how to enter, edit, submit, recall and invoice timesheets.

Learn how to enter out of pocket expenses incurred by individuals in the course of doing their job which can be reimbursed.

Learn how to create a quote for goods and services, record a sale of goods and services, and invoice sales recorded.

Raise an Invoice
Learn how to raise an invoice for a client chargeable project code which can include timesheet, expenses and sales.

Invoice Sharing
Learn how to share an invoice electronically online with a customer.

Supplier Transactions

These applications setup and record costs incurred by the business.

Supplier Setup
Learn how to add or edit suppliers for a business.

Business Costs
Learn how to enter costs incurred directly into the business bank account.

Record Invoice Received
Learn how to record an invoice received.


These applications setup and record monies paid to employees, off payroll workers and shareholders.

Learn how to setup employees or off payroll workers on payroll.

RTI Setup
Learn how to subscribe to RTI.

Employee Earnings
Learn how employees have self service access to payslips, P60 and other details about their pay.

Declare & Manage Dividends
Learn how to declare and manage a dividend (nly available for private limited companies and public limited companies).

Declare & Manage Partner Shares
Learn how to declare and manage partnership profit sharing (only available for partnerships).


These applications setup the initial accounting position (opening balances) and manage the accounting for the business.

Opening Balances Basic Setup
Learn how to setup opening balances for a business.

Opening Balances Advanced Setup
Learn how to amend the accounting postings rules.

General Ledger – Accounting Records
Learn how to view and investigate the accounting records in the General Ledger Trial Balance.

Accounting Adjustments
Learn how to create accounting adjustments and post into the General Ledger.


These applications setup bank accounts for a business, record the transactions which go through each bank account, and enable the reconciliation of the physical transactions in the bank account to those in the General Ledger bank account (reconciling accounting and actual banking transactions to make sure everything is accounted for).

Bank Account Setup
Learn how to add or edit existing bank accounts for a business.

Bank Account Transactions
Learn how to enter or upload transactions which have gone through the bank account.

Reconcile Bank to Ledger
Learn how to reconcile transactions entered for. a bank account to those entered in the General Ledger bank account. Reconcile actual physical bank transactions to accounting transactions.


These applications enable the submission of required returns to authorities (e.g. HMRC).

Corporation Tax
Learn how corporation tax is calculated and how to manage (Only applicable to private limited companies and public limited companies).

Learn how manage VAT and VAT MTD submissions (only applicable to businesses signed up to VAT).

Learn how to manage Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

Learn how manage Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payments.

FPS and EPS Submission to HMRC
Learn how the FPS and EPS submissions to HMRC are done.

Reporting & Usage

There are many reports which enable the business performance and reporting requirements to be met.

Learn how to run reports.

My Documents
Learn how to search and view documents stored in ZotaBooks.

Usage & Billing
Learn how to view usage and download bills.

Personalise and Configure ZotaBooks

Setup multiple businesses, provide access to ZotaBooks to multiple individuals, define accounting posting rules or setup VAT.

Business Setup
Learn how to change the setup of a business or add a new business (sole trader, partnership, private limited company or public limited company).

Accounting Posting Rules Setup
Learn how to amend the accounting postings rules.

User Setup
Learn how to add users to and manage users in ZotaBooks.

Users Security Access Setup
Learn how to setup security access for users.

Learn how to subscribe to VAT MTD.

CIS Setup
Learn how to setup Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

Service Provider

Service provider enables an accountant, tax professional, outsourcing company or any other provider of services to manage and access multiple clients within one dashboard. Service provider groups multiple clients together under one service business, your service business.

Service Provider
Learn how service provider works.

Accounting Posting Rules

ZotaBooks automatically posts the accounting to the General Ledger when business events occur, learn what business events trigger accounting events and how to change the accounting posting rules.

View Accounting Posting Rules
Learn what accounting posting rules existing in ZotaBooks.

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