Dividend User Guide

Dividend is only applicable to business which are setup as either:

  • private limited company
  • public limited company

If a business is setup as sole trader or partnership then dividends will not be available in the left hand menu.

If a business is setup as a partnership then “Partner Share” will be available on the left hand menu. Partner Share manages the distribution of profit for a partnership based on partner shares held by each partner. Click here to view partner share.

In order to declare a dividend a private limited company or public limited company must have shareholders setup. Click here to learn how to setup shareholders.

From the left hand menu select “Dividend”. The “Dividend” screen is displayed.

The “Declare Dividend” screen is displayed. Enter the proposed total dividend, the available funds are displayed above. Enter the dividend payment date.

When the proposed total dividend is entered it will be apportioned across the shareholders based on the shareholding which is displayed in the table below.

Press the “Pay Dividend” button. The dividend will be paid at the end of the day for the day specified.

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