09. VAT & MTD

How do I Subscribe to HMRC VAT MTD in ZotaBooks ?

VAT MTD is mandatory for most companies with a turnover greater than the threshold defined by HMRC. See HMRC website for information. Adding VAT number to ZotaBooks Every company which is registered for VAT will have a VAT registration number. This needs to be added to ZotaBooks. To add the VAT number to ZotaBooks goto […]

How do I submit my VAT return to HMRC ?

Open the VAT return, to do this following the menu: Applications -> Company Tax Select the VAT period to be submitted by clicking on the action icon. The VAT return shows the VAT amounts to be submitted. Click the “Submit to HMRC” button to submit the VAT return to HMRC Once the “Submit to HMRC” […]

How do I enter items into the VAT return ?

The VAT return in ZotaBooks picks up from the information entered in through the: timesheet expenses sales This makes sure the accounting records and VAT records are always aligned. Removing the need for complex and time consuming reconciliations between the accounting records and VAT records.

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