05. Invoice Issued

How do I download an invoice PDF for an invoice raised ?

Click on the PDF icon next to the invoice that is to be downloaded: When the PDF icon is clicked on, the invoice will open in a new browser window. Right click on the invoice displayed and choose “Save As”, then select where to save the invoice and enter the name of the file to […]

What actions can I perform against a raised invoice ?

An invoice raised to a client can have the following actions undertaken against the invoice: record full or partial payment of invoice write off full or partial amount from invoice cancel invoice The three actions are shown in the action column against invoices raised. Where an invoice has an amount partially written off or paid, […]

How do I raise an invoice to a client ?

To raise an invoice to a client select the menu item: Application -> Invoice The invoice screen is displayed, the top part of the screen shows invoices raised, the bottom the invoices received. Create a New Invoice to Send to a Client Press the button “Raise a New Invoice”, the raised and issue invoice screen […]

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