07. Bank Statement

How do I upload transactions for a Bank Statement

To access the bank statement application follow the menu item Applications -> Bank The bank statement screen displays: Press the “Upload Statement” button, a popup box which requires the bank statement file to be uploaded is displayed. Select the bank statement files and press the “Open” button. First Time Upload Setup The first time a […]

Can I change the order of transactions in the Bank Statement ?

Drag and drop the bank transactions to change the order in which the transaction appears on the screen, this recomputes the running balance on the bank account against the impacted transactions. The example below shows four transactions, with the last transaction dated 03/03/2020 which should appear in position 2. Hover over the transaction to be […]

How do I use the bank statement app ?

The bank statement application replicate the physical monies paid in and out of the bank account, the transactions entered in the bank statement application are to be exactly the same as the actual bank statement. To access the bank statement follow the menu item: Applications -> Bank Each bank account added to ZotaBooks is enabled […]

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