02. Timesheet

Why can’t I recall a Timesheet ?

Timesheets can be invoiced up until the point at which one or more days in the timesheet week has been invoiced. To amend a timesheet after one or more days in the timesheet week has been invoiced, recall the invoice or invoices which include time from the user in the week to be amended.

How do I use Timesheet ?

Timesheet enables users to record the hours worked against projects, the hours worked get converted to a fee at the daily rate assigned to a user for the project. User Access to the Timesheet Application Each user added to ZotaBooks can be assigned to a security group with access to the Timesheet application. By default […]

How do I add a new project to Timesheet ?

Timesheet displays all the active projects which the user has permission to record time against. Once entered active projects are made available to ALL applications in ZotaBooks which use projects. See How Do I Add A New Project ?

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