Usage & Billing User Guide

Usage and billing provides self service billing, price plan management and payments management functionality, specifically:

  • View current price plan
  • Change price plan
  • Add bolt-on’s (to current months plan only)
  • Show usage (for current and previous months)
  • Download monthly bills
  • View history of monthly bill payments
  • View and change the payment method for monthly ZotaBooks billing

View and Change Price Plans

All billing is self service in ZotaBooks, view and change price plans anytime you want. Price plan changes are effective from the start of the next billing month.

Note: Service Providers cannot manage their billing online, please contact ZotaBooks to make changes.

View Current Price Plan
Learn how to access and view the current price plan subscribed to.

Change Price Plan
Learn how to change the price plan subscribed to.

Add One or More Bolt-on’s to Current Month Plan

Should you require more transactions, files or users than is included within your price plan then small additional charges are added for any excess usage over and above the included amounts in the price plan.

Bolt-on’s allows a number of additional transactions, files or users to be added for the current month only at a substantially reduced rate to the excess charges.

Add Bolt-On
Learn how to to add one or more bolt-on’s to the current months plan allowances.

Show Monthly Usage and Download Monthly Bill

Usage can be viewed down to individual transactions, monthly bills can be downloaded as PDF.

View Monthly Usage
Learn how to view the monthly usage against the plan allowances.

Download Monthly Bill
Learn how to download a monthly bill.

View Payments and Change Payment Method

View the history of payments made to ZotaBooks and make changes to the payment method.

View Payments
Learn how to view payments made to ZotaBooks.

Change Payment Method
Learn how to change the method used to make payments to ZotaBooks for monthly billing.
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