03. Expense

How do I mark an expense claim as paid to an employee ?

Expenses which have out of pocket expense items, that is expense items which are to be reimbursed to the expense claimant are required to have the expense claim marked as “Out of Pocket Expenses Paid”.  Marking the expense claim as out of pocket expense claims performs the required accounting postings in the ledger. The physical […]

How do I upload expenses ?

The “Upload Expense File” button allows one or more expense items to be uploaded from an external file.  The file must be in the correct format. The upload screen is displayed: Select a File Format ZotaBooks can accept file uploads from multiple sources, select the appropriate source of the file to be uploaded. Selecting an […]

How do I use the Expense app ?

Expenses are entered into ZotaBooks in expense claims.  Expense claims allow individual expenses to be grouped together, the groupings can be based on: by date, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly or other frequency, or by expense incurrence type, e.g. internal and out of pocket expenses claims, or another basis. Examples of expense claim frequency are: users […]

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