13. Payroll

How do I obtain the P45 produced for an employee who has left the business?

The P45 is available on the Payroll by Month screen, to navigate to this screen select Payroll from the main left hand menu (circled below in red). Then press the “Employer Payroll Setup” button (circled in red below). Then press the “Set Employee, Salary, Bonus & Benefits” button (circled in red below). Select the employee […]

How do I Setup Payroll Submission to HMRC through RTI?

RTI stands for Real Time Information. This is the mechanism which must be used by employers to send details to HMRC at the time they pay their employees. This information must be sent to HMRC electronically as part of their routine payroll process. Whenever payroll is run in ZotaBooks a submission is sent to HMRC, […]

How do I Setup the Employer Payroll Details?

Select Payroll from the left hand side menu, press the “PAYE Setup” button, the setup PAYE employer details screen is displayed. Note the “Employer Payroll Setup” button is disabled until the PAYE setup is complete. Complete the following mandatory details on the screen: Office Number Reference Number Account Office Reference COTAX Reference is optional, complete […]

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