Raise Invoice User Guide

Raise invoice enables client chargeable timesheet, expenses and sales to have an invoice raised and be issued to a customer. Only client chargeable bookings may have an invoice raised.

Raise (Create) or Review an Invoice for a Customer

An invoice can contain fees based on timesheet hours booked to a client project code, expenses booked to a client project code or sales booked to a client project code.

Raise Invoice
Learn how to raise an invoice for a customer.

Invoice Payment Date
Learn how to review when invoices are due for payment.

Invoice Actions – Cancel, Write Off and Receive Payment

Invoices raised can be cancelled or written off or a payment can be received (in part or in full).

Cancel Invoice
Learn how to cancel an invoice raised for a customer.

Invoice Write Off
Learn how to write off a partial amount on an invoice raised for a customer.

Payment Received
Learn how to record a partial or full payment of an invoice by a customer.

Online Invoice Sharing

An invoice raised can be shared with customers online, this removes the need to send an invoice by email.

Send Invoice Online
Learn how to make an invoice raised for a customer available to them online.

Invoice Online Feedback
Learn how to manage feedback received for an invoice sent to a customer online.

Download Invoice to Local Computer

An invoice can be downloaded to the users local computer.

Download Invoice
Learn how to download an invoice raised for a customer.

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