Online Invoice Sharing

Invoices can be shared online electronically with customers, this avoids the need to send the invoice by email to a customer.

The customer is given a login to ZotaBooks and is only able to see their invoices through a bespoke portal, no other part of the ZotaBooks application or data is available to the customer.

The customer logs into ZotaBooks using the standard login screen.

Enable Online Invoice Sharing for a Customer

Each customer needs online invoice sharing enabling for the functionality to be used, if a customer does not have online invoice sharing enables then the invoice can only be sent by email.

Invoice Sharing Setup
Learn how to setup invoice sharing for a customer.

Share an Invoice with a Customer or Revoke Sharing of an Invoice with a Customer

If a customer has invoiced sharing enabled then an individual invoice can be shared, a shared invoice can be revoked from sharing (this stops a customer viewing the invoice).

Share Invoice Online
Learn how to share one or more invoices with a customer.

Revoke Invoice Sharing
Learn how to revoke the sharing of an invoice with a customer.

Shared Invoice – Customer Feedback

A customer can view and comment on individual lines in an invoice which has been shared with them online.

Customer Feedback on Invoice
Learn how to view feedback the customer provides on lines in the invoice.

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