User Setup User Guide – Change User Login

Step 1, Go to User Administration Screen

From the “My Account” menu top right of the screen, select “User Administration”.

The user management screen appears, showing all the users added to ZotaBooks (shown below).

Step 2, Edit Existing User

For the user who is to be disabled click the notepad with pen icon under Actions (circled in red below).

The user profile for the selected will be displayed (see below).

Step 3, Change User Login / Email Address

Press the “@ Change Email/Login Id” button (circled in red below).

A “Change Login/Email Id” dialog box will appear, enter a new login id or email address. Then press the “Check if available” button.

A message will appear stating the new login Id or email address is available or not available. If the new login id or email address is available press the “Submit” button.

A message will be displayed at the top of the user profile stating an email has been sent to the user to verify.

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