Payroll User Guide – Add Employee To Payroll – Add Employee to Pension Scheme

In the “Employee Payroll Setup” screen (click here to learn how to access the Employee Payroll Setup” screen) click the “Pension Enrolments” icon (circled in red below).

The “Employee Pensions Enrolments” screen is displayed.

An employee can be enrolled into a pension scheme or can opt out from a pension scheme. To enrol into a pension scheme, press the “Enrol into Pension Scheme” button (circled below in red).

The “Enrol into Pension Scheme” dialog box appears, complete the details and press the “Join Pension Scheme” button.

The employee is enrolled into the pension scheme, the pension enrolment is shown on the “Employee Pension Enrolments” screen.

To opt out of a pension scheme, press the “Optout from Pension Scheme” button. The “Optout from Pension Scheme” dialog box will appear.

Select a date from “Pension Scheme Optout Date”, the “Next Pension Enrolment Notification Date” will be set to the “Pension Scheme Optout Date” plus 3 years. The “Next Pension Enrolment Notification Date” can be changed.

Press the “Optout from Pension Scheme” button to set the opt out.

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