Expenses User Guide – Cancel Marking Expense Claim as Paid

Once an expense claim has been marked as paid, it is possible to reverse the marking as paid.

When reversing the marking of an expense claim as paid, the accounting entries in the General Ledger are reversed and the status of the expense claim is shown as not paid.

How do I Reverse the Marking of an Expense Claim as Paid

Show the list of expense claims, tick the “Submitted” tick box, the list of submitted expense claims are displayed.

Where the expense claim has date under “Paid & Reimbursed?” the expense claim is marked as paid. To reverse the marked as paid click on the icon under actions shown below:

Cancel Expense Claim Paid
Marks the expense claim as not paid to the employee (reverses the mark as paid).

Once the cancel expense claim paid icon has been pressed, a confirmation request is displayed.

Press the “Submit” button to reverse the expense claim being marked as paid. Press the “Cancel” button to stop reversing the marking of the expense claim as paid.

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