New Customer

This guide provides activities which guide a user not familiar with ZotaBooks through how to get going step-by-step.

Step 1, Initial Setup

ZotaBooks needs to gather some basic information about your business, this information is gathered in the initial setup.

1. Information Required
Learn what information is required to do the initial setup.

2. Initial Setup
Learn how to complete the ZotaBooks initial setup.

Step 2, Business Setup

Once ZotaBooks initial setup is complete, add business specific information. Following the steps below.

3. Add Customers & Suppliers
Learn how to add customers and suppliers to ZotaBooks.

4. Add Projects
Learn how to add one or more projects to the business.

5. Add Additional Bank Accounts
Learn how to add additional bank accounts which the business has to ZotaBooks.

6. Setup VAT
Learn how to setup VAT for the business.

7. Setup Opening Balances
Learn how to setup accounting opening balances.

Step 3, Add a Second Business

If you need to add more than one business to ZotaBooks, follow the steps outlined below:

8. Add a Second Business
Learn how to add a second, third or more businesses to ZotaBooks.

Step 4, Payroll Setup

If you run a payroll, learn how to setup the payroll in ZotaBooks.

9. Add Employees to Payroll
Learn how to add employees to the payroll.

10. Setup Salaries
Learn how to setup employees salaries and add off payroll workers.

Step 4, Add Business Transactions

You are now ready to record business transactions and manage business activities in ZotaBooks. These steps are repeated as required going forward.

10. Client Transactions
Learn how to record sales, timesheet and expenses.

11. Non-Client Transactions
Learn how to record business costs and invoices received.

Step 5, Add Banking Transactions & Reconcile

Every time a payment is made into or out of a business bank account the transaction is recorded by your bank. Add the banking transactions to ZotaBooks, then reconcile the transactions in the bank account to those in the accounting General Ledger bank account.

12. Why Add Banking Transactions
Learn why banking transactions are added to ZotaBooks and then reconciled to the General Ledger.

13. Add Banking Transactions
Learn how to add banking transactions to ZotaBooks.

14. Reconcile Banking Transactions
Learn how to reconcile banking transactions to the General Ledger bank account.

Step 6, Submit VAT MTD and Payroll RTI

Each month the payroll is run, if the business is signed up to HMRC payroll submissions, RTI must be submitted before employees are paid.

At the end of each VAT period, if the business is signed up to HMRC VAT, VAT must be submitted through MTD.

15. Submit Payroll RTI
Learn how to submit payroll Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC.

16. Submit VAT MTD
Learn how to submit Value Added Ta (VAT) MTD to HMRC.

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