Payroll User Guide – Payroll Runs

The payroll run screen shows the history of each payroll run and enables access to all the payroll setup and administration functionality through the buttons on the screen. The screen is shown below.

The four buttons provide access to the following functionality (click on the links below to view the instructions on how to use each screen which follows the button being pressed):

  • Payroll Settings button
    • Set Employer Allowance to be Claimed (set on a YTD basis)
  • PAYE Setup button
    • Set the HMRC payroll reference data (office number, reference number, account office reference and optionally the COTAX reference)
    • Set the PAYE payment frequency
  • Employer Payroll Setup button
    • Setup employee details for payroll, including joiners and leavers
    • Setup and manage pension schemes
    • Set employee’s salary, bonus, benefits in kind, tax code and if leaving termination award
  • Set Payroll Run Day button
    • Choose the day of the month payroll runs for the business

The icon under the Actions heading against each payroll month enables the following to be setup for the payroll month:

  • Action button
    • Construction Industry Scheme suffered amount
    • Apprenticeship Levy

Use the drop down at the top of the screen to select the tax year for payroll run history to be displayed on screen.

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